6 Things to do when you move in!

1. Check if bedroom door has a lock. If it has, ensure the latch is on when leaving or you will be locked out.

2. Take pictures on your mobile phone of meter readings at the start of your tenancy. Call the numbers below to find your local suppliers and to open an account, give them the meter readings, and every few months you will receive a bill.

Gas 0870 6081 524

Electricity 0845 6030 618

Please note that Direct Housing will need proof that utility bills are in your name and that all bills have been settled at the end of the tenancy before deposits can be refunded.

3. Check and sign your inventory within 7 days, then return to the office.

4. Read and complete your Council Tax Exemption form found in your welcome pack to claim council tax exemption or you will be BILLED!

Call Birmingham City Council on 0121 303 1113

5. You will have a connection for broadband but will have to set up an account. If you have a TV, don't forget to pay for a TV Licence. We can recommend a service provider.

6. Enjoy your new home!

*Any questions, contact our office on 0121 472 3331


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