Renting a home is the most affordable in Hull and least affordable in Gloucester.

Across Great Britain as a whole, the average rent tenant paid in November 2019 was £989, £20 per more than in November 2018.

Landlords bought 11% of all properties available for sale in 2019, the same proportion as in 2018.

The level of rental stock available to rent across England and Wales has been declining for almost three years with almost one -third of property surveyors reporting that fewer new properties available for rent are coming to market.

Some 5.4 million households rent in the private sector, 2.9 million rent from Housing Associations, while 2 million rent from local authorities. That combined total of 10.3 million households who live in rented accommodation compares with 17.6 million households who live in their own home that's either owned outright or being purchased with a mortgage.


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