​Frequently Asked Questions

• How do I book a viewing?

If there's a property you're interested in you can call our office on 0121 472 3331 or email us via our website to arrange a viewing. Don't forget to leave your name and contact number!

• I've seen a property I like; how do I reserve it?

You've found a property! Call our office on 0121 472 3331 or come in and speak to an agent. We will take a holding deposit which allows us to take the property off the market whilst we collect your paperwork and set up your contract.

• What is a holding deposit?

A holding deposit is a term used for payments made to reserve a property and take it off the market. It is not a “deposit" until placed into a tenancy deposit scheme.

• Do I have to pay an admin fee?

There are no admin fees charges since the 1st of June 2019. This applies to both students and proffessional applicants.

• What happens to my deposit?

All deposits are placed into a tenancy deposit scheme, they remain in this scheme throughout the duration of your tenancy. Deposits are released back to you at the end of your tenancy, providing all rent is paid and the property has been left in good condition.

• How do I get my deposit back?

At the end of your tenancy you will be handed a deposit release form to input details such as your forwarding address and bank details. We transfer your deposit back into the account using the details provided within 28 days of your tenancy end date.

• What happens if I drop out?

If you or any other members of your group drop out it is essential we know as soon as possible so we can begin searching for a replacement immediately. If your contract is not signed we may give your group a time frame to find an alternative tenant before we refund any deposits and place the property back on the market. If your contract is signed, you are legally obligated to pay your rent until a replacement tenant is found regardless as to whether you are living in the property or not. We will advertise the spare room on all our marketing platforms, although we do strongly advise groups to push their vacant rooms on social media to reach a wider audience. As soon as a replacement tenant is found and has paid their deposit, we will draw up a new contract with the updated tenants names. Their signatures on the new contract will release you from your commitment to pay rent.

• What do we do about bills?

If your tenancy agreement is bills inclusive you don't have to worry about the stress of bills as they are included in your rent! If your bills are not included, you can choose to use a company who organises your bills for you. Alternatively, you can go solo and manage your bills personally. You can find out who your Gas and Electric providers are by calling these numbers: Gas – 0870 6081 524 & Electric – 0845 6030 618. Once you get into your property, you should take gas and electric meter readings and contact your providers to set up an account and arrange your payment plans. If you are ever confused or misunderstand your bills, you can talk to one of our team for help and advice!

• How do I pay my rent?

We ask all our tenants living in our managed properties to pay their rents to us via standing order. Our bank details are available upon request. You can set up standing orders by going into your local bank with our details or via an online banking system. All payments are due on the first of the month every month, unless advanced payment has been arranged prior to your move in. You must reference your payments clearly so we know who the rent has come from and where it should be paid to. If you need assistance setting up a standing order please contact our accounts team!

• How does my weekly rent convert to monthly?

As each month has a different number of days/weeks we calculate your rent so it's the same amount each month. We take your weekly rent, multiply this by the number of weeks in the year and divided by 12. For example, if your weekly rent is £100: 100x52/12 = 433.33 so your monthly rent would be £433.33

• What is a joint and several tenancy agreement?

A tenancy agreement drawn up for a group, with all housemates listed on the contract, is referred to as a joint and several tenancy agreement. This means all tenants are responsible for ensuring the full rental amount for the property is paid each month. If for any reason a member of the group cannot pay their rent, we would contact the tenant's guarantor then as a last resort look to the remaining tenants to cover this.

• When will I receive my inventory?

We provide you with your inventory as part of your Welcome Pack when you collect your keys. You have 7 days from this point to make any amendments to your inventory and return it to us.

• What if something breaks down?

If something breaks down you can call our repairs team and we will help to get it fixed straight away. Sometimes, if it is as simple as a tripped switch we will talk you through it over the phone so you're back up and running as quickly as possible. If necessary, we will coordinate professional maintenance workers to fix the problem.

• What if I don't have a UK based guarantor?

Whether you are from the UK or international we try to obtain UK guarantors for all our tenants. Some of our landlords are happy to accept international students without UK based guarantor as they understand the implications students can face finding a trustworthy guarantor. We do reserve the right to ask for rent payments in advance if a UK based guarantor cannot be obtained.

• Do I need to take out contents insurance?

Although it is strongly advised, it is not required for you to take out contents insurance. If you are interested in contents insurance we can offer you some information from insurance companies we recommend.


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