Direct Housing is your marketing solution… It couldn’t be simpler.

For those landlords who would like help or advice on how to present their property in the best light in order to get an early letting, we would be delighted to assist. Please ring us. Property presentation advice over the phone costs nothing.

We have been described as refreshing in our honest approach with our assessment of properties to rent. We will not tell you that your property will let really quickly if we can see things which need putting right. Years of experience have taught us that the properties which let quickly are the ones where landlords have taken the time to create a home, rather than just a place to sleep.

When we conduct viewings with prospective tenants, it is an absolute pleasure to hear the sigh of relief when they enter a property which is clean, uncluttered and thoughtfully decorated. This is what makes our job worthwhile.

Bespoke Services

Our stock in trade is lettings and property management. But we don't stop there. We make every attempt to provide an individual and tailored service; this includes everything from marketing the property, the provision of a To Let board, preparing a detailed inventory & schedule of condition, to regular inspections and much more.

But if you don't want to go the whole nine yards, we can literally tailor the service around your requirements. For instance, if you just want a letting and rent collection, we will do it, or if you just want an inventory, mid-term and final inspection/checkout, we will do it.

We are experiencing an ever increasing demand for professional housing advice and information in a wide range of areas within the rental market. We have a large bank of independent qualified professionals readily available to provide you with the benefit of their experience in whichever field of housing you may be involved in:

  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's)
  • Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC'c)
  • Gas Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Home Condition Surveys
  • Property Registration Schemes
  • Property Leasing Schemes
  • Public Health & Housing Act Legislation
  • Landlord Accreditation
  • Property Accreditation

Hall and Block Management

Throughout the last decade, we have effectively managed student halls for 52-weeks every year to full capacity, gaining trust from landlords and students, and building a solid reputation. Our knowledge of student halls has led to successful partnerships with a number of student accommodation providers.

We work in partnership with multiple providers of student accommodations; we also manage one of the largest student halls in Birmingham: Douper Hall. Located in the heart of Selly Oak and with over 120 en-suite rooms where we have been successfully providing a full management service for 10 years. With many student halls being built in recent years, and established university halls including Metal Works (previously known as Victoria Hall) and Jarratt Hall being within touching distance, the competition is becoming fierce. Despite this, we have continuously achieved 100% occupancy within Douper Hall whilst maintaining an outstanding reputation and building strong links with international students.

Consistently, Douper Hall achieves approximately 50% of room lets from overseas students booking online. Ensuring properties are marketed correctly online, engaging with target demographic via social network and live customer service is proving to be the difference between letting properties and being left with empty rooms at the beginning of the academic year. We pride ourselves on the ability to seamlessly connect students to an ever-growing network of accommodation providers. Our aim is to provide hassle-free student lettings and management services, both for accommodation providers and our tenants. Through our 25 years' experience, we understand our customer's needs and requirements.

Property Marketing

When you give us your authority to let the property, we will advertise the details on our Property List, which is available in our offices to the general public and is also sent out to prospective tenants on our waiting lists. Our regular mailing lists for prospective tenants include hospitals, colleges and universities, large multi-national companies, relocation agencies and other agencies within the business community.

As part of our letting service, we photograph your property and display the photograph in our shop window. The property details are also displayed on our website. We recommend the erection of a To Let board, as our records show that 20% of lettings are achieved through this medium.

If you own a student property or are investing in student halls and would like to explore the opportunity to grow your audience both here and to the international student market, please get in touch with one of our property experts to see how we can help you today.


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